Between the Lines

Backbone is proud to list some of the best brands in the outdoor and active lifestyle space in our client portfolio. But, this past year we’ve also been excited to work behind the scenes on a host of other projects. Here’s a quick summary of recent work that has Backbone’s fingerprints on it.

Building a Facebook page and an app for longtime friend Kevin Fedarko’s awesome new book “The Emerald Mile.”

We’re doing similar work for Poter Fox’s book Deep.

(Both books make excellent Christmas presents by the way.)

It’s in our backyard, so of course we participated in The Meeting.

And then there’s the work we do with NGO’s. From Big City Mountaineers, to First Descents, the Thompson Divide Coalition, Protect Our Winters and 5 Point Film Festival, we’re deeply rooted in our community and the non-profits that are fighting to make our world a better place.

For Backbone, one of the gels between our personal fulfillment and a work/life balance is community. All day, everyday, for both the profit and non-profit sectors, we engage brand communities and  interact within the media realm of editors, freelancers and sales. We see that people are a reflection of their community; to many it defines them. For us, work, when it melds with your personal life, and integrates your community, doesn’t feel much like work.

Make no mistake. We work hard for our clients. But it is a lot easier to crank through your inbox after midnight if the separation of what you do and who you are, is not so separate.

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