Nite Ize SpokeLit Lights Up Carbondale

Backbone Media’s hometown of Carbondale, Colorado is anything but boring. Our little mountain town is inspired by any excuse to get outside and play. The full moon is no exception.  Every month all the town “skidz” converge for a ruckus ride through town on their funkiest cruiser bikes decorated with the coolest lights and gadgets.  Check out this little piece of homemade video that captures the essence of the Carbondale Full Moon Cruiser Ride. Blinking lights courtesy of the the Nite Ize SpokeLit.


You Walk Wrong

Last month, Adam Sternbergh wrote an interesting article in New York Magazine entitled, “You Walk Wrong.” Sternbergh basically argues that modern shoes are wrecking our feet with every step we take.

A few footwear companies, such as Sanük, share this same belief. Two years ago, Sanük introduced its Sidewalk Surfers. The Sidewalk Surfers were born out of the belief that most of today’s footwear is plagued by too much foam, gel, air cells, gizmos and gadgets that promote overall foot weakness and lead to common foot injuries. Sanük’s Sidewalk Surfer sandals feature “Barefoot Un-technology,” a patented, simplistic design that attaches a shoe upper to a sandal footbed, which provides superior comfort and allows the foot to bend and flex the way nature intended.

As Sternbergh points out, we are always going to wear shoes, so it is important to change up your shoes as much as possible.

Click here for Adam Sternbergh’s, “You Walk Wrong” article.